Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Chad and I just returned from a very relaxing weekend in Monterey where we did pretty much nothing except relax and eat. Golf, a spa day, sushi, and the aquarium were so great but I missed my little boys - a lot. I've decided that I really don't like to leave them or my house for very long.
For some reason we ended up having bedtime snack outside in the back of my car.
The nightly ice cream truck stop.
As usual, Trey has new injuries. This is a result of falling through the trampoline net onto the brand new curbing around the trampoline. He chipped one of his big teeth pretty bad, too. CJ says it looks like the shape of Utah.

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Sydney said...

I'm impressed with how clean your garage AND car are! I think I'd eat in their too if it meant I didn't have a clear a space on my kitchen table.