Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday our huge community had a neighborhood yard sale and CJ was loving it. He rode his bike up and down the streets looking at everything and buying things with his own money (a vintage Bingo game, a lighthouse to add to the Christmas village, some pine cones???).

So later I'm at my neighbor's house and she's showing me all the self-proclaimed "hideous" things she's selling that are all gifts from her inlaws. The worst? This horrible dolphin fountain that I told her she might have to pay someone to take. It was pretty ugly.

After I left to run errands, daddy let CJ go out for one more round of shopping. So imagine my delight when I came home to this beautiful thing on my counter and CJ saying, "Some people thought this was ugly but I think it's sooooo pretty, don't you mom? And guess what?? Winnie GAVE it to me for FREE!"


Our Family said...

YUMMY! AND it looks like a lot of work- can you just come and make it for me?
And just be happy that CJ didn't spend his hard earned cash on this piece! And next time YOU have a garage sale, you can try to pawn it off on another unsuspecting child;)

Toni said...

How could I have not known Red Feather was having a community yard sale?!? Do I live under a rock?

And those gyros look GOOOOD!