Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So the three week break that CJ's year-round school handed us started out really great. I decided to take my boys somewhere new each day that would help us get to know our fun city better.

One day we went downtown. We literally walked around all afternoon and they LOVED it. Even the parking garage was a hit.
But not as awesome as the alleys in between the downtown streets that are full of garbage. Seriously, we spent 45 minutes right here. I sat on a crate and watched them marvel at the beautiful dumpsters.
One day we went to a barbershop for their haircuts and then to the cupcake store.
And one day we spent getting the tip of Trey's finger stitched back together after he slammed it in the door, causing the pad of his finger to almost fall right off. Of course Chad was out of town and CJ was screaming at me that he was going to faint because of the blood and I believed him. The ride to the ER was something like this, "Trey, it's going to be okay, don't take the washcloth off your finger, CJ, roll your window down and keep breathing..." You should have seen the look of relief CJ gave me as the nurse asked him if he'd rather watch iCarly in the waiting room. Poor Trey had to get three separate injections because the finger wouldn't numb and he kept yelling at the doctor, "Go away lady, go away!"
But 24 hours later he was happy again.
Because he's Trey. And he's always happy.
Time in the NICU at birth, a broken leg and hospitalization for infection, staples in his head and now this.