Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CJ made us all breakfast the other day. Coco Puffs, yogurt, toast with {lots} of raspberry jam, and chocolate milk. He woke up and told me not to come downstairs. It took him a while but he was so proud to show me what he had done.
He's so big and helpful that he now warms up Trey's milk sippies for him in the microwave. I came in from the office the other day to see these to chillin' with their chocolate milk, watching Caillou.
But he's not big enough to figure out how his dad and I have such an easy time finding him at Hide-and-Seek... (Hint, we follow Mac. CJ's head is that big lump under his arm. It never fails, where the dog is, CJ is also.)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Mom, is 'Fire burnin' fire burnin' on the dance floor a DJ song?"
"I'm pretty sure it is, why?"
"Then I want to wear my DJ shirt to school today."

And then Trey sees the backpack and starts bawling.

"No kee cool, no kee cool!" (No CJ school) Trey cried the entire way there, then on the way home without his "kee" in the car and didn't stop until I laid him down for a nap. It was traumatic for all of us.
As exhibited by this picture of CJ at his table when I was leaving (he didn't see me taking this picture through the glass door). Me, with huge sunglasses on, bawled to. I have a hard time with milestones and even little things (like when you cover them up with their favorite blanket and suddenly their feet stick out because they are too big for it now). Cheesy, I know, but it's just me. It hits you at times like this how fast they grow up and it's hard!! CJ's been in preschool for over two years so it's not the fact that he's going to school now, it's just that we're only a year away from him being gone all day and I miss him when he's not at home.

After school I got there early and he was frantically looking for me the second he stepped out of the classroom and as soon as he saw me he looked so relieved that I was there, ran over, hugged me and asked if he got to go again tomorrow because he "LOVED IT!"

Monday, August 10, 2009

I love my little Trey, he's just such a delight. Last week he started taking off his diaper and going potty on his own.
As soon as he was old enough to get attached to this blanket I went out and bought the exact same one as a back-up in case the first one got dirty or lost or whatever. Except he became just as attached to the back-up and for the last two years we've carried both blankets everywhere and I just love every time he grabs them and rolls around on the floor with them... just so in love.
This little boy has been so easy from the minute he was born and continues to melt my heart on a daily basis with his sweet little personality. Even though he's as tall as most kids a year-older than him and completely fills his crib, he still loves his bed. When he wakes up he just lays there until we come and get him.