Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trey has a new hobby. It's picking up dog poo. "Poooooo!" He goes upstairs, looks out the window to get a better view of all the poop out on the lawn, then sneaks the shovel out of the garage. Here's where we're at with this fun new obsession: "Trey, if you don't stop picking all of mommy's flowers, you'll be grounded from picking up poo."
CJ decided one day that he no longer wanted training wheels and literally, hopped on his bike and took off around the block with Chad running behind him. He got it on his first try and hasn't stopped riding since.
These two still are kind enough to leave me huge messes to clean up.


Our Family said...

YAY for CJ- what a big boy!!! What an awesome and scary feeling at the same time! I am amazed how fast these little guys(& girls) grow up!
And no worries on the furniture! We are STILL without a Dining room table and chairs cause we can't decide on one we both really like!!! So James 'fumes' every time he walks out of the bedroom and sees an empty room! It all takes time.....

Andersons said...

Can't wait to see the new fabulous furniture!

And I heart Toad. And his canine excrement fascination. Make that boy earn his W.T. title! :-)

BMX wallpaper said...

he looks cute 0_0
greeting for your lovely family