Saturday, August 30, 2008


The cast came off. The fracture is 75% healed. The surrounding infection is 95% gone.

As soon as the cast came off he threw it at Chad.

Then CJ said we needed to go bowling to celebrate.

He compromised on a picnic instead.

Life is good!

Monday, August 18, 2008

So the other night CJ and I were walking across the street to our neighborhood pool and CJ turned to me and said, "Mom, you and dad should go on a date night and me and Toad could stay at Jacob's grandma's house."

"And you know what you get to do at the end?" He said with his eyes getting all huge like he was unveiling the best secret in the world to me. "You get to KISS and then you feed each other a piece of cake and then you kiss again. It would be fun if you and dad got to do that. Did you bring my floaties?"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yesterday we took Trey back to the doctor who was discouraged that his bad limp had not improved since he should have started responding to all the antiobiotics by now. So, after he had three other specialists look at the MRI and x-rays, we were in the orthopedic office getting new x-rays. This one showed what looked to be a clear fracture all the way through his tibia with infection in the surrounding tissue. "95% sure it's a break, 5% could be that 'humor' thing" said the doc. Why must they say that? All probability reasoning goes out the door as far as I'm concerned. It's like I don't even hear the "95%" part or see the big crack on the film. I just get sick to my stomach and focus on that one stupid word. This is definitley something I need to work on! Like my mom told me last night, "Faith and Fear can't work together." So the good news is Trey's leg is in a cast up to his little bum cheek. The bad news is my sweet boy has been walking around with a broken/infected leg for almost two weeks.
Despite everything, this is my sweet little boy in the hospital. Happy as always.

So happy to be home and finally able to go outside (me, too).
Wrestling with CJ makes it seem like he's back to normal.

Ice cream with CJ makes it all better, too.

And this picture was on my camera which makes me smile because this was his first trip ever to the time-out stair. It was actually the day before he went to the hospital and he was in trouble for hitting CJ (maybe he was mad his leg was broken??) but how about that FACE? He seriously sat there with that smirk for the entire minute he was on the stair. And how bad do I feel that he was even in trouble?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

After a few days of a noticeable limp we took Trey to an after-hours clinic on Monday. They thought it was a sprain, wrapped it, told us to come back in a week if he was still limping.
Three days later it was worse so I took him to the pediatrician who sent him to xray which led to complete lab work which led to more questions as to what was really going on. Which led to an MRI which led to being admitted to the hospital which led to an orthopedic specialist and an infectious disease doctor trying to determine what has caused 3/4 of his tibia to be infected. And I won't lie - that word that rhymes with "humor" but isn't funny one bit was thrown out a few too many times for my nerves to handle which led to a minor breakdown.

What they have now determined is what they think to be an injury to his tibia which led to an hematoma forming between the bone and the surrounding tissue, infecting both by somehow getting bacteria in the blood. This was very reassuring and now my hands can stop shaking and I can move forward knowing that this is a much better diagnosis and they won't have to biopsy the bone at this point.

We'll know even more tomorrow and we're hoping he'll get to come home this weekend. As much fun as it is keeping an 18-month old hooked up to an IV confined and entertained in one small hospital room, I can't wait to get him home. If he keeps responding this well to the IV antibiotics, he'll be able to come home and stay on an oral antibiotic for 3-6 weeks with a follow-up MRI in three weeks to see if it's cleared up. They first told us he could be here for several weeks. And he's not sedated at all - which means we get to entertain all 30 pounds of him plus his IV machine and keep him from climbing on anything. Super fun.

I'm so thankful for doctors and hospitals and medication and insurance and immediate care  and all the prayers and temple visits I know went out to Trey. I'm thankful for a husband who holds the Priesthood and was able to administer a blessing to him with the help of a neighbor of ours and for a ward who puts the wheels in motion and you can just FEEL all the prayers. It sounds lame, but I felt the same way when he was born and in the NICU. I just felt the blessings and comfort from prayers and from those who went to the temple. I'm thankful for the Relief Society and how immediate help is offered. I'm thankful for our bishop who's been here and offered more comfort. I'm thankful for the Gospel and for the comfort you can receive in uncertain and scary times. I'm thankful for all our family members - we are so, so lucky to have parents and siblings and grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who we know love us and are here for us when we need it. Most of all I'm thankful for my beautiful little boys and for being their mom. I'm convinced there's NOTHING harder in this world than being a mom, especially when one of your children is sick or in pain and there's nothing you can do.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Feed Mac whenever you get bored.

Deliver it to him.
Demand that he eats it.
Lose your shirt.
Get into the garden.
Feed Mac the pods.
Boss around the neighbors.
Continually check out what's going on out front.
Watch CJ so you can go steal whatever he's playing with.