Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Last week at a quaint little boutique:
CJ and I enter the store, the two ladies and guy working there greet us. CJ says, "Hi!" back and then, stops suddenly in front of the vintage Christmas display they were arranging. He utters, "Oh. My. Gosh. THERE. IS. SANTA. What is going on?!" 

Scene #2 (today) at story time at the library:
Sweet little librarian tells the 20 kids on the rug that she's going to read a book about a tree that loses his leaves in the fall and that it's not easy for this little tree. Funny little boy (not mine) says, "Yea, it's just like being naked!" Followed by my funny (and very loud) little boy saying, "Naked! Yes, with boobies all over!"

means the garbage truck comes. And Idaho garbage trucks still have guys that ride on the back and physically THROW your trash into the back! So exciting is that, that CJ sat on the porch waiting for said truck and trash throwers for 45 minutes.

When that excitement had come and gone, we went back outside to plant some bulbs. CJ was a great help digging and planting and then watering. Boy did he water.

After his nap he came downstairs and declared that his "flowers had growed" while he was asleep and then proceeded to freak out when he realized they hadn't. When asked what would make him feel better he said, "Running errands" (which means he gets a trip to target and the $1.06 popcorn/drink combo at the Target cafe).

Instead, we went to the bank and to FedEx Kinkos to make some copies, whereupon CJ told me he "loves the coffee store!" Then he told me all about riding to the coffee store with Aunt La  in Barney's (uncle Brian) car because La's truck (suburban) was broken and La had to make coffees (copies) at the copy store (for PTA, I'm sure).

Saturday, October 14, 2006

...is a lovely trail called the Boise Riverwalk. The family headed down this morning after stopping at the ol' Maverick for a Diet Pepsi, some Funyuns and chocolate Twizzlers. CJ threw rocks into the water for a very long time. Lucy chased ducks. We watched a squirrel run up a tree and shake down some acorns. I had to restrain Lucy from chasing the squirrel and CJ thought it was funny when an acorn fell on daddy's head while taking this picture.

Then we came home to give the little ones naps. This includes Lucy, who now stands in the corner of the kitchen where the best sun is and sighs heavily until I pull her pillow over and she can then lay down.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Just another day...

So I've finally realized that I'm no longer a working mom (well, technically a full-time working mom, just 20 hours/month from home). And it's wierd. CJ and I find ourselves staring at each other several times during the day like, okay, now what?

Don't get me wrong... since he was born I've had a very stressfull job that kept me on call 24 hours a day. It was a lot of responsibility and I don't miss that at all. But being at home full-time in a new place has been a much bigger adjustment than I thought it would be.

It's weird to wake up each day to completely new responsibilities. How many times can I wipe down my appliances with those little stainless steel wipes? Or dust the new furniture? Or organize pantry goods on those lazy susan thingies I keep buying at Bed Bath and Beyond?

This kind of stuff used to only happen once a week for me as my job would allow for one day of serious house cleaning. Now it's kind of an annoying obsession because I feel like I have to be doing, doing, doing.

We moved in less than two weeks ago. I've unpacked EVERYTHING and everything is as organized as it could possibly be. Except the space under the stairs. That's on tap for tomorrow. I'm actually planning out cleaning tasks.

Idaho homes don't have basements. So we purchased a home with a 3-car garage so we could use that third car space to store all that basement stuff. We've never had a basement so that took me all of one hour yesterday to organize. But boy does it look, um, organized!

So today, I decided not to do anything with the house. No cleaning, organizing, nothing. CJ and I played trucks and legos for hours while I watched a marathon of Project Runway. Then we took Lucy for a walk and met three new dogs: Bumbee, Phoebe and Dusty. Then we took a two hour nap in my bed. Then we went to the playground. Then we picked leaves up in the backyard. Then made dinner to another episode of Project Runway. Then more trucks and legos, and finally two huge bowls of ice cream while we talked to Nana and Papa on the phone. What a day, I tell you.

CJ was an angel today. He loved having my undivided attention. We didn't have any fights. Or tantrums.  I realized he's not used to this from me as he was always competing with my work, phone calls, or he was in the car on the way to the babysitter or other errands I wasn't able to do while working during the week, etc.

So, although it's an adjustment, I know that I have 2-1/2 years I need to make up for with my little man, and it's only a few short months until the baby comes. Until then, I'm not going to worry so much about being on a schedule, and I'm going to STOP FEELING GUILTY that I'm a stay at home mom now. I'm going to enjoy this tremendous blessing and quit worrying if every minute of every day isn't planned out and spent accomplishing something.

On second thought, I accomplished a lot more today than I have in several years. And the result was one happy little boy and a dog who won't keep giving me licks on my feet. That means she loves me, too.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Things

Cody finally got his baby boy - Jack Myles. I'm dying to hold him. He's 5-1/2 lonnng hours away now.

So far I'm happy with Boise. We love our home and our neighborhood. And everyone is so N-I-C-E. They let you merge into their lane when you signal. I think that's happened once or twice in Utah. They wave. They smile and say "hello" on the streets. It's contagious. Who knew Boise was a little slice of heaven on earth?

Speaking of happy things, two little things were VERY happy to be reunited in the same house after 5 long weeks apart.

I'm also happy about:
1. Met my new OBGYN yesterday. She is fantastic.
2. Discovered a long-time family friend is a pediatrician just down the street and will take CJ and the baby as new patients. Super.
3. My sod is getting laid right now. Only a few hours away from a backyard for CJ and Lucy.
4. Boise is starting to take my morning sickness away.