Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two weeks ago we had returned from another trip to Utah which, as usual, was super fun and super busy. I always come home exhausted from all the going and doing and driving. So I declared that I needed a beach vacation. School was starting the next week and the baby will be here soon. I needed a diversion. We considered California for about five seconds before I became exhausted again just thinking of the travel and the packing and the rental car and my swollen feet...

So two days later we packed up and drove 80 miles away to McCall.  It was so lovely. Our room had a walk-out patio that was five steps from our private little beach, the water trampoline, and the boat dock. I loved not having to pack a cooler or go anywhere if we needed drinks or bathrooms because our room and the hotel's outdoor restaurant were literally six feet away from me. One of the days we rented a wave runner which the boys loved, but other than that we played on the beach all day and then went to dinner and to Ice Cream Alley every night.

In the 6-1/2 years we've been parents, this was the FIRST trip we've taken solo with our kids. We've been on lots of trips but have always had grandparents and/or cousins with us (which is always a good time, of course) but for a few days we totally loved just being together as a family and relaxing.

This is now the second summer vacation we've taken to McCall and we will be making it a tradition. I even called and reserved the same room for next year.



Love this picture of them in the hotel bed one night. I always thought hotels were so fun as a kid and so do mine!





Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day of First Grade
Mixed feelings on today... CJ was so ready to be back with friends but it's so, so weird to have my oldest gone for most of the day. I cried, Trey cried and then I laughed thinking about how when his class was all lined up he was at least four inches taller than everyone else, and then when they went to sit in their own desks, he didn't fit in his. It's too short, he's too tall so a new one will have to be procured for him. And how he looked like a third grader mixed in with all the other kids (two moms tried to introduce CJ's classmates to Trey, thinking he was the first-grader), and despite being the tallest and oldest looking, CJ was the only one who got teary telling his mom goodbye this morning. Being a mom is HEART WRENCHING sometimes!

So excited about the Star Wars lunch box...
And the Star Wars backpack.
Trey kept hugging him goodbye all morning, even though we hadn't left yet.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

The boys and I love going downtown and walking around through all the little streets and alleys. They check out all the dumpsters and garbage cans and CJ finds bottle caps to add to his massive collection. I grabbed a few photos to capture these two before another brother is thrown into the mix. They have such a funny relationship and love each other (most of the time) a lot. They both look so different it makes me even more excited to see what this third one will bring to mix.