Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve
We decided to stay home this year for Christmas - for the first time since we've been together. As much as we really miss seeing all of our relatives, it has been so fun just being at home, together with the boys, enjoying our decorations and just chilling out. No long drive where I play front-seat waitress, no packing up the entire house, no tired kids from no naps and best of all, Christmas morning in our own family room with presents I've already wrapped, instead of frantically trying to get all of it out of the car and wrapped in time. Bliss!
We spent the day watching movies and then made pizzas for dinner. Chad his has been brining a turkey for 2 days now.  He also made coconut bread and cookie brittle today as well.
The elf who's appeared every day since Thanksgiving went back to the North Pole today but left the boys a present instead. It was their pajamas to wear tonight.
Trey said a new word tonight and melt my heart. Thee-thus. Jesus. Add that to Mama, Dada, and Spongebob and we're up to four discernible words. We were reading The Three Trees and he just started saying it.
And for all her fans, a photo of Lucy howling at the remote control trucks!

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K19 said...

YAY for Toad!!! So cute, and I HEAR you on the Travel- so didn't miss that this year, and it was our first year to stay home too!! Felt nice, but we are having a *surprise* visit:)