Friday, December 05, 2008

We've all been really healthy for a long time and today it was no fun in the sun for us - we all have the flu. Chad took this picture of us but it doesn't show Trey, Lucy, Mac and four pillows all plopped on my legs. Some days I feel like a big magnet. A magnet who draws everyone in to watch her throw up.Trey  laughs, Lucy licks my feet and Mac whips the back of my head with his tail. CJ just yells for me to pause the DVR so he doesn't miss anything.  But I sure love the Oreo crumbs on his lips.
He asked Santa for a Remote Control Robot that zaps people, clothes with pictures of garbage on them and a really big TV in his room with a remote, a remote control bee that stings people, and, from the infomercial, Bendarooz!


Andersons said...

You look gorgeous even when you're sick! No fair.

Hope you get feeling better soon. I'm sending healthy thoughts your way.

Ovary Acting said...

Get better, J!!!

Weren't those Santa letters hilarious? The golden arrow was all CJ's idea, of course--he is the incredibly imaginative one. And Jacob's letter started off with "I want everything on CJ's list..." Clever boy.

I miss you!!!!

K19 said...

Are you sure you're not? You DO have a 'stinkin' glow when you're sick! As always, so beautiful, and doesn't snuggling with sweet little boys,(& animals) make it all a 'little better' ? Get well soon! Loves~

Hailey Happens said...

I think you have the most unique child on earth. Good luck with that christmas list!

: STEVE : said...

The only time I ever get sick is when I get a flu shot. I don't believe in them.

Sydney said...

Hope you're feeling better.

We haven't got our flu shots yet and hearing your story makes me not want to!