Saturday, December 13, 2008

I have had the best time this weekend with Trey. I never get much one-on-one time with him so with the other boys out of town, he and I have been together. He is seriously the easiest little boy, just happy to be doing whatever it is he's doing at the moment.  But I am ready for my little four year-old to return because I miss him. And it's way too quiet around here!
One of Trey's new things is wanting to wear this helmet. The problem is, it weighs about 10 pounds so he can't hold his head up straight, then he falls over, then he gets mad and we start the process all over again. Put helmet on. Lean to the side. Fall over. Yell at the helmet. Then yell at me that it's not working. He runs to get it whenever football is on the TV or Sports Center and when it tips him over, he runs to the TV, points to a football player (with a helmet on) and yells at us. So funny!


K19 said...

Love the helmet, and i love Toad! Glad you got to spend some one-in-one time- isn't that the best? Still need to get your super recipe book names, please:)

Ovary Acting said...

I love Toad!!!! :)