Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Baby Trey
8 lbs 20"

This is what my baby looked like the first time I got to see him. He came three weeks early but his little lungs weren't quite ready. They whisked him away to the NICU and I didn't see him until several long, terrifying hours later. He progressed each day he was in the NICU. This is him 2 days later with his oxygen removed. Breathing on his own, he now only had to have antibiotics via and I.V. and constant monitoring.
This is what he looked like three days later, with the I.V. moved to his head since his hands kept pulling it out of his arms. We finally got to hold him and I was able to begin nursing him. He had that down the first try and has been going strong ever since.And THIS is him when he came home with his big (and very excited) brother who has been so sweet with Trey.

I am so grateful for my boys, my husband and for the blessings of modern medicine, hospitals, doctors, nurses and all the equipment that saved my sweet baby. After I was officially discharged as a patient, we were moved to a "live-in" room that was like a hotel room inside the NICU unit so Chad and I could be right there around the clock and I could keep nursing him until he came home. It was so great and the staff was just incredible.
And this is my little guy just chillin' and realizing how much he loves being home, free from wires, hourly blood samples, shots, IV's and beeping machines. He is so sweet - he just eats and sleeps and looks around and hardly makes a peep. Everyone is healthy, happy and grateful to be home together!


Amber said...

CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS!! He is sooooooo HANDSOME! Glad to hear everyone is well. Nothing prepares you for the scare of having your baby(s) in the NICU, but like you said, thank goodness for great care and modern medicine. He is so sweet! I want to cuddle with him! (Mine rarely cuddle anymore). Have fun with your new addition.

Bek said...

HURRAH, I have been checking eery hour. I am so glad everyone is fine and I am sorry for the scary beginning to his life.

We just take for granted that our babies will be ok. Even Norah, who was 5-6 weeks early, we weren't too concerned. It is a great reminder to know what a miracle modern medicine is. I am so glad the hospital was nice and that Trey is fine.... and you changed his name, right? I thought it was Cruise?

He is very handsome and I LOVE the smile on CJ"s face....

wendysue said...

OH congrats! I've been checking too!

The picture of he and CJ is priceless! Just make sure to keep that handy to remind CJ how excited he was to have him home when he's old enough to steal his garbage trucks!!

AzĂșcar said...

He is adorable! I'm so sorry you guys had to go through that whole rigamarole, but I'm so pleased that he's doing well. I hope your L&D was a piece of cake. HUGS!

:: STEVE :: said...

WOO HOO! We are so happy to hear the good news.

Lindsey Lee said...

Congrats Jaims!! He is super cute. And Tyson loves his do I! How scary for you guys with the whole NICU stuff but we are glad that he is home and healthy and cute as ever. WHen are you coming home again so we can see the little guy?

~j. said...

How incredible. May I also please add: I am thrilled to hear how blessed you feel for the modern-day miracles available. In a world where almost everyone around me seems to be completely enamored by giving birth outside (or whatever), I am glad to hear someone else's shared feelings for doctors, nurses, hospitals, and medicines. (Sorry to say that often this realization only comes when something "not planned" happens.)

My heartfelt congratulations.

Sunny said...

#1 congratulations to you all - especially you, mom.

#2 I'm VERY glad to hear that everything is okay.

#3 He was three weeks early and 20"/8+lbs? w...o...w

congrats again!!!