Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Today was a big day. CJ started preschool. I was nervous. Not only for him to enjoy it but for me to leave him at the school for three hours and just drive away.

That lasted about 20 seconds because he was Mr. Social the minute we walked in the door. He did great. His class has 18 kids, two teachers and a very structured schedule. So, I hopped on over to The Human Bean for a decaf skim Chai, then spent a bit of time at a quilting shop, then came home and got all the dishes done and the beds made and a few phone calls accomplished and before I knew it it was time to get the little man.

He said he was sooooooo good at school that he needed McDonalds. So we got McDonalds and he told me all about NOT getting to hold the flag for the pledge but getting to go pee-pee in the little bathroom. I think his first day was a success.


liz said...

Carlton, that's funny. We love the Fresh Prince, we watch it when Noggin is over.

AzĂșcar said...

That description made me happy. I am really hoping that Guille can go to preschool in the next few months I know he'd love it.

Bek said...

That is great!! I am intrigued about uniforms for pre-school. Is it the nursery school program of a private school? (We are considering sending JJ to one of those and it DOES have a uniform and considering that my son is black AND short and compact he would looke EXACTLY like Carlton... that is the one thing that kind of puts me off....). Do you like having uniforms? What made you choose this school? Just curious..

P.S. I am sure that he had them all charmed by snack time... :-)

more caffeine, please said...

It's a private school that starts preschool and goes up through elementary. I actually chose it after researching a few and attending a few classes to see what they were like. This particular school has been around for a long time in several states and is very routine and structured. I like how they have two teachers per every 9 students. I was amazed when I saw the 3 year-olds all writing their names on their papers and sounding out words on the chalkboard already. He went today for the second time and couldn't wait - it's a great thing for both of us!

~j. said...

I love uniforms -- having kids in the habit of not having to choose what to wear helps SO much in getting ready in the morning. My oldest has "free dress day" twice a month and I dread those mornings.

Isn't it funny how excited the preschoolers get over the little toilets?!