Saturday, December 31, 2005

All I Want for Christmas is a Bowl Game Victory in San Francisco
And for Chad reach more than 100 yards receiving. That's him on the replay screen doing just that.

And to have a happy family with visions of the underdog beating the nation's #24-ranked team with the #10-ranked defense 38 to 10 dancing in their heads. My dear #18 has never lost to "The Team Down South" in Cougar Town. He's also been to and won 4 bowl games, including the BCS Fiesta Bowl. Pretty awesome! So proud of him!


Bek said...

Yippee!! That is so great. I am sorry that you got the crappy SF weather. It is usually warm and this week is was just soggy! Was the game at PacBell? I am just 10 minutes south.......I did shed a little tear when I heard the news (a good one) even though I went to the school down south.

more caffeine, please said...

We were at Giants Stadium and we actually lucked out because the rain went away in the morning. I love S.F. - I didn't know that's where you live. Lucky you! Sorry for the trash talking, I just can't help it. :-)

Bek said...

No worries....I never thought that I would end up at the BY, but they gave me the best deal!!!

I am actually in Palo Alto (Stanford)--just a few miles south. It is enough south to miss most of the fog, but close enough to get all the pretty stuff. :-) Living near a major tourist city ensures that we see lots of friends!!! We have been here for 7 years and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We might never leave. We came from NYC, so that might be why we like it!!! Many of our friends have made the leap and moved to the city, but we like our backyard and lots of parking at Safeway. I don't think I could live in the city again.....we will see!