Monday, January 02, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE! Chad is gone for the Fiesta Bowl so it's just me and my little man celebrating tonight!


Bek said...

LOVE the color. The brick color is devine (and I love that poppy print and LOVE LOVE LOVE the bed). Doesn't color make a HUGE difference?

Sounds like a good way to spend the New Year. Between you and Nie Nie and all your great wall colors, I am itching to paint something.

c jane said...

Isn't Bek so supportive?
Just love her.
And also, if people that read your blog knew you as well as I do, they would come to see that this New-Years-Eve-On-The-Down-Low is very much a manifestation of maturity.
I mean you were a fine party girl my dear James! (Las Vegas! YEssssss!)
The Husband and manchild have made you a stable woman indeed.
P.S. On a NEED TO KNOW basis: Where can I get a set of Lucy's bedroom eyes? YEow!

more caffeine, please said...

Court - I'm sure the "Chuch" can show you some bedroom eyes. Doesn't she give them to you just after tearing apart some beloved item of yours? As far as taming the party girl, yes, it is a fact and a good one at that. The rock star days were simply a way of passing time until my love found me (and got off his mission). :-)

more caffeine, please said...

Oh, and Court, just so you remember, it was YOU who kissed the cop (I think... or was it a cowboy you kissed?) in Vegas on New Year's Eve, AND it was my cousin who found a husband on said year inaguartion. I watched innocently from the side lines (okay, so Josh R. ended up being my kiss but isn't he gay now? so it doesn't count) as you and Ashley created a limbo frenzy with your feather boa as the limbo stick.