Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Christmas Sampler C.J. hogging the Chocolate Fountain.
Grandpa mopping up after "someone" jammed the chocolate fountain creating the same affect an electric mixer does when you raise it out of the dough you're mixing and it flies EVERYWHERE.

C.J. Christmas morning at Grammy's moments BEFORE he dove onto the bed, hitting the footboard and giving himself a huge goose egg.

C.J. AFTER hitting his head on the bed, creating the need to hug "Brutie the Cat" for comfort, who scratched him.

Me and C.J.

Happy (but sad) cousins whom I love dearly right after the candelight tribute we did at Cindy's grave. Happy birthday SMAMU, we miss you more than any of us could ever say. Around-the-World ping pong will never be the same withought you.
M.E.R.R.Y C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S. Sveeehaaaaat, I love you.


:: STEVE :: said...

Looks like an excellent and festive time was had by all. Berlin enjoyed her Christmas as well. We spent most of the day up in Ogden, where it was really loud. Really loud.

c jane said...

Thanks for the play by play.
Hopefully you will also get a bowl win for Christmas too.
And a fine Happy New Year.
Also I hope to see you in this new year.
That would be nice

:: STEVE :: said...

PS: Bothers in bed with other brother's girlfriend = creepy.