Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day
Yesterday was such a great day. The boys have been sick so I enjoyed church alone (sad to be without my family, not so sad to miss the five bathroom/drinking fountain/nursery breaks), the talks were so good and I left feeling like a very special mother.
I came home to a buttermilk Texas sheet cake that the boys had baked while I was gone, which we dug into straight out of the pan with forks.
We took the boys to feed the ducks and then I was told to do nothing but lay around and play Scrabble on the iPhone while dinner was prepared.
Chad grilled steaks with my dad's garlic/butter/parsley baste recipe, made the Pioneer Woman's homemade Mac and Cheese (love her cookbook), and grilled asparagus. And CJ served his favorite sparkling cider.
So good, and the great news is that I kept it down!
Then I was told to go lay back down and get back to Scrabble while the dishes were done.
Then CJ wanted to take pictures so here you go. Check out how sad Lucy is that she's not front and center because I'm cuddling my human family members instead of her. She's a piece of work.
I laugh at these pictures because they remind me of what it looks like every time Chad and I start a conversation. The boys and dogs can be doing their own thing, in other parts of the house and as soon as Chad and I start a conversation, their interruption radars go off and all of the sudden they're all over us and we'll end up starting and stopping the same conversation about six times.



I love Sundays because we just chill with the boys all day and yesterday was like a Sunday with a cherry on top. I am blessed, blessed, blessed. And getting fat, fat, fat. :-)


amber said...

such cute pictures!! you don't look one bit fat!! so excited to rub your fat belly though i have to admit, creepy i know! miss you guys!

Haley said...

Happy Mothers Day.. I love these pics.. they are perfect. Your dogs crack me up. Makes me miss Bo and Taz

Aly G said...

Oh you said it all with the "radar ears from the kiddos in the next room" I feel the same!! What a good hubby to make you dinner. You make me laugh when I read your stuff!