Thursday, May 20, 2010

It must be a nesting thing, but I suddenly had the urge to take all of our photos out of the mis-matched albums and boxes and organize them from the beginning of our dating life to today and put them in all in new, matching albums. Three things I realized while doing this:
1. I've said it before, but the days and weeks seem to drag on sometimes but the years just FLY by. It makes me sad!
2. I am very excited to have another baby, yet very nervous because looking at child #1's pictures from his first two years made me exhausted and reminded me that I had no idea what I was doing and looking at child #2's made me realize that I'll probably not have another baby that is as easy and happy as he was. Fingers crossed. Maybe a mix of both?
3. I'm blessed. My little family is my world and seeing how fast time flies makes me realize {again} that I need to stop sweating the small stuff and ENJOY all the GOOD stuff that comes with being a mom!

St. George 2010 066 copy
Snow Canyon with some of my nieces and nephews who have a little vacation house right by my parents, and my darling cousins' kids.St. George 2010 067
We stayed at my parents' St. George house in March and the boys loved it, especially the bunk beds. (It was a big blur or morning/night sickness for me - was I really there? Oh yes, their toilets were lovely.)
CJ lost his first tooth by way of our neighbor/dentist. His new tooth came in behind the baby tooth so it wasn't even loose and he was a total champ. My favorite part is that he took his favorite blanket in with him and wasn't embarrassed about it.
I've been craving raspberry-filled donuts but I share.
DSC00698 copy Chicken spinach wraps with water bottles, while watching "Arthur."


Jenny S said...

Jaime, do you know what you're having yet? I'm hoping for a girl! ;)

Aly G said...

Love that they love spinach!? or is it hidden & they have no idea? I am jealous if they love it! Your a good momma!!