Friday, April 30, 2010

Trey moved into a big boy bed. It's been a few weeks and he still sobs for his "clib" to come back.
 Now, he just blazes into our room at all hours of the night, turns on our light, wakes up us and the dogs and bawls for his crib. And then, in the morning, when he enters BEFORE CJ, says, "I so good, I stayed in my bed all night!"


wendysue said...

Congrats on the baby on the way, and the new big boy!

p.s. I hope your boys are reading "yummy, yucky", that's our favorite one of that series. . .so great!

L'erin said...

Fun times USA? You're the best!

Jenny S said...

Finally some new posts! I was beginning to worry about you! ;)

Yes, the crib move is a big one! congrats!

So is this a girl or what? I'm dying to know!

Sydney said...

I am just in awe that he lasted so long in a crib! Wowsers, we didn't even make it to 2 before the crib was swapped out for a big bed.

What a sweet boy you got there.

jjgibb said...

Thanks for the updated photo! The boys look so dang sweet in their PJ's and reading together.

Hopefully, Trey will adjust to the big boy bed quickly! Good Luck.