Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Last week we took the boys to Disneyland with their cousins. We had so much fun and Trey keeps asking when we are going back. I think Disneyland definitely needs to be an annual trip!
So the boys wait in line to see Goofy. Goofy high-fives CJ and Luke, then asks for a "low five" from Trey. Trey goes into low-five him and Goofy moves his hand and Trey's high five hits him in the nads. Goofy had to be carried off by two female assistants.

The new Toy Story ride in California Adventure is awesome. It was about the only line we had to wait in but worth it.

And Trey was in heaven with all the garbage cans all over Disneyland. After the first night we were laying in bed and he whispered to me, "So, so many garbage cans today, mommy. So many" as if we had taken him to the best place on earth.
On the way home the pilot let CJ sit in the captain's seat and try a bunch of levers and buttons. They both had the same name so he announced Pilot CJ. He thought that was so cool.
The hotel we stay at each time has a winding stream all through the lobby that's full of koi and turtles and was pretty much almost the end of me with trying to keep Trey out of it.

I will rent these strollers as long as my boys can squeeze themselves (or in this case, them and a cousin) into one. They make it so much easier to get around!


Rachel said...

So that Goofy story is about the funniest thing I have ever heard. Where's the video footage when you really need it?

I agree, by the way... Disney really ought to be an annual trip. If I weren't 45 months pregnant we would totally be going back next month for spring break.

Andersons said...

What a fun trip! That Goofy story is cracking me up. :-)

And congratulations on your fun news!!

~j. said...

That Goofy story is classic.

Sydney said...

fun news?

I recently got the "what kind of parents are you" when I mentioned that we have yet to take our boys to Disneyland. So yeah for being awesome parents and making the trek, sounds like everyone {but goofy} had a great time!

Hey There Adair said...

That is too funny! Thanks for sharing!!

Jenny S said...

How fun. Seriously is it not the happiest place on earth?

L'erin said...

You and maybe two other friends have amazingly hiliarious things happen to them and i thank you

Aly G said...

Congrats on being preggo! I didn't know! I am sorry you are sick ( i know how it goes) Fun pics too!