Tuesday, September 16, 2008

These two are buddies for sure. It must be because Trey feeds Mac all his meals. And that he lets him in the house (along with all the flies) 50 times a day. But then he tells on Mac when he continually takes Trey's beloved Nerf football out of the toy box, then Mac goes back outside and then it starts all over again five minutes later.

This is a nightly scene: Toad in his jammies, having escaped from family prayer, babbling to Mac in the hallway. I love how he's playing with Mac's paw as he just keeps nonchalantly jabbering.


Ovary Acting said...

Super cute photo of Chad reading to the boys--all three of them!

Amanda said...

So cute. I love that your dogs are part of your family. Only dog lovers understand this.

The Garcia's said...

That is so cute! Every little boy needs a dog for a best friend!