Tuesday, January 22, 2008

He's just so nice. Nice to me, nice to everyone. He rarely gets upset. He loves to be with us. He makes lunch dates every week so we can meet up with him and he can see the boys - even if it's sometimes just Costco. He loves his family and talks to his parents all the time. He loves his mother! He plays and plays and plays with his boys. He colors, glues, builds, drives, reads, pretends, sings - even dances if it will make the boys happy! I'll come upstairs to start laundry only to find it's already been done. Open the dishwasher to find all the clean dishes already put away. Go out to my car to take CJ to school and find a nice cold Diet Pepsi in the cup holder for me. If I ask him what the weather is in the east coast he'll tell me 'cause he's already read the entire paper, his scriptures and made breakfast before I make it downstairs with Toad. He won't let CJ wake me up in the night because I'm still getting up with Trey - he takes care of whatever it is CJ needs no matter what time it is or how many times he's woken him up. He watches my shows with me every night.  He changes diapers without being asked, is a great grocery shopper.  Seriously, he is the best. THE best. I'll never know what I did to deserve him but I'm lucky lucky lucky.


A & R said...

Awesome! You deserve the best!
(I LOVE the new "best day" song too!)

Rachel said...

Oh Jamie, cut it out!
I absolutely believe that Chad is as awesome as you say, but YOU ARE TOO!
You two seem like a perfectly perfect couple, and Chad is also lucky, lucky, lucky.

Rachel said...

p.s. BYU-Idaho is not your rival. I don't typically get into the whole Cougar pride stuff, but I have to say this:

there is a BYU-Idaho,
there is a BYU-Hawaii,
and there is a BYU. (it IS NOT BYU-Provo!).

Remember, BYU is your rival. NOT BYU-Idaho.

K19 said...

Ummmmmm, what? Is Chad holding any kind of Husbandry/Helping Out at Home /Caring for Your Wife, Children and Home Seminars?
WHERE did you find him? I feel like a single parent most of the time-I know my hubby has a full time job, too, with running his own clinic, but JEEPERS- I am starting to go crazy, and am thinking I am ready to go back to work to get some AIR!!!!!
This class you are taking sounds terrific!!! BYU- any satellite campuses in TEXAS? Not likely! Let me know how it goes!
You are one lucky girl!!!

Sydney said...

So did Chad's mom attend a class like you're attending so she knew how to raise a wonderful guy like Chad? I worry all the time about raising a "good boy"- scares me to death! I'd love to know more about this class your taking...will you email me details?? Maybe I can sneak it in before we move.

Chad sounds like a keeper. You done good Jamie.

Sydney said...

P.S. I love that your still giving your bangs a chance. You really do look great with them!

Kati said...

That is so cute. What a great guy. I only remember Chad as a tiny little kid. He was a cutie! So glad he makes you so happy. You deserve it Jamie. You have always been a good girl. Coming from his family...I wouldn't expect anything less.
You look darling.

~j. said...

I love this post.