Sunday, January 27, 2008

CJ and Trey were invited to their friend's awesome birthday party which happened to fall on Trey's birthday. We spent the morning there followed by a drive-by of the garbage truck company (per CJ) and dinner together as a family. Such a fun day!

The two birthday boys.

Not so sure about opening presents either. That's where CJ comes in handy.

CJ helped me make the cake, even down to the backwards #1.

Super sure about eating his cake.

Happy birthday to the sweetest little one year-old ever. He is such a blessing to our family and his sweet little countenance makes him such a joy to be around. He's so content to be wherever CJ is and loves to give us and the dogs lots of loves. We love you "little" man!


K19 said...

Precious little guy! Looks like he had a great day!!!!!

Ovary Acting said...

We love you, Toad!

Haley said...

Happy Happy Day for little Toad.. he's growing up.. I'm so happy for you that he's a sweetheart and good baby. Makes life nice, doesn't it?