Thursday, December 28, 2006

H o M e F o R t H e H o L i D a Y s
and going non-stop...

Guitar Hero


Grandma Sheila's Christmas Party

We had 18's company party at the Grand America. 

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:: STEVE :: said...

Guitar Hero is the We have both one and two at my work and play it religiously. Currently, I'm mastering all the songs on the "hard" level. I can't even begin to comprehend what it'll be like on "expert."

rebecca said...
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c jane said...

A. Welcome Home Elder P
B. Jamie you are one hot pregnant mama.
C. Big discussion going on here at our house: Guitar Hero One or Two which one is better? (I vote One).

This post was very entertaining and enjoyable.

Azúcar said...

You look amazingly beautiful! I love that one of you and CJ--he loves his mama!

I hear you on the 17 times a day thing--when did I get this ravenous monster within and why won't it STOP? Couldn't we just even things out a little? It would be nice to eat normally the whole pregnancy instead of nothing and then everything.

Being pregnant is weird.

~j. said...

I thought there was only a Chevron in Jerome...but maybe they sell boots there, who knows.

Glad you're having a happy holiday.

Bek said...

My brothers had Guitar Hero at home this year and we all played it. Lulu LOVES it. I think that we need it in our house too!

What a fun trip... lots of food, lots of family... hurrah.

I love how CJ was protecting everything from Santa. That is one funny little man.

nie nie said...


looks so fun
you look so beautiful
but seriously,


:: STEVE :: said...

Wait. You stopped off in ol' J Town for some sweet moon boots? That's awesome!