Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Last week at a quaint little boutique:
CJ and I enter the store, the two ladies and guy working there greet us. CJ says, "Hi!" back and then, stops suddenly in front of the vintage Christmas display they were arranging. He utters, "Oh. My. Gosh. THERE. IS. SANTA. What is going on?!" 

Scene #2 (today) at story time at the library:
Sweet little librarian tells the 20 kids on the rug that she's going to read a book about a tree that loses his leaves in the fall and that it's not easy for this little tree. Funny little boy (not mine) says, "Yea, it's just like being naked!" Followed by my funny (and very loud) little boy saying, "Naked! Yes, with boobies all over!"


:: STEVE :: said...

CJ is interested in boobs. It could be worse. Just ask the gay guy at the boutique. :)

c jane said...

Good one Steve.

Here's to you posting like crazy! I am so loving it!

Bek said...

This age is the best. CJ is one smart cookie. Cute boys that tell pretty girls that their boots are "darling" will get more dates...I promise.

I also loved the Santa comment. My kids never made that connection...CJ must be smarter....

LuckyRedHen said...

Thanks... that WAS funny :o)