Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Drew was blessed the day after Christmas and it was such a special event for us. We felt so blessed to have both of our dads, my grandpas and all of our brothers there to participate in his blessing. There was something so sweet about having a baby at Christmas time, especially as we sang one of my very favorite Christmas hymns "Away in a Manger."




Rachel said...

Soooooooo cute! I want to see the photos of the other two!

janille said...

Love the one of him sitting in the chair, what a cutie!

Kennell's said...

This kiddo is darling- just like the other two but SOOOOOO different!!!! When do I get to meet your little ones?????? Maybe I'll have to mke a trip out to see you, soooonnnnnn!!!! Love you ,and love all the pics!!! We need to set up a time to get you out here to take a family photo!!!!! PLEASEE!!!!!!