Saturday, January 08, 2011

Christmas 2010
We spent this year in Utah with all of our relatives and had such a fun time. It was the baby's big debut meeting everyone which made it all the more special. I just loved having a baby at Christmas time!
Christmas morning after opening all the presents.
This toy is literally made for one year-olds but Trey's favorite thing to do is drive! He walks around the house with the steering wheel from Mario Kart on the Wii and pretends it's his car so we bought him this little steering wheel toy and he loved it!
He also loves anything with an on and off switch and a motor. So he was in heaven with the pretend leaf blower he got from his grandparents.
We got CJ an iPod touch.

My nephews got this sweet little puppy from Santa. And my boys were in love with her.

They were also in love with the money they earned at my mom's house during BINGO-for-cash-sleep-over-night. Each grandchild won over $20 bucks!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Kennell's said...

LOVE the pants and t combo- seriously you look HOT in anything!!!! What great photos and sounds like you had an amazing Christmas!!! Miss you tone and hoping to see you all really soon:)

L'erin said...

Well look atcha in all your post baby splendor, you B! You bounce back like into a hottie in two seconds, you are ADORABLE! So glad u had a great Christmas w/ your fam!