Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day of First Grade
Mixed feelings on today... CJ was so ready to be back with friends but it's so, so weird to have my oldest gone for most of the day. I cried, Trey cried and then I laughed thinking about how when his class was all lined up he was at least four inches taller than everyone else, and then when they went to sit in their own desks, he didn't fit in his. It's too short, he's too tall so a new one will have to be procured for him. And how he looked like a third grader mixed in with all the other kids (two moms tried to introduce CJ's classmates to Trey, thinking he was the first-grader), and despite being the tallest and oldest looking, CJ was the only one who got teary telling his mom goodbye this morning. Being a mom is HEART WRENCHING sometimes!

So excited about the Star Wars lunch box...
And the Star Wars backpack.
Trey kept hugging him goodbye all morning, even though we hadn't left yet.


Andersons said...

Congrats on making it through the first day!! :-)

Rachel said...

Having them gone all freaking day is THE WORST! I wish, more than ever, we lived back in Utah where Kindergarten is half day like it's supposed to be!

I love this post. Your imagery is awesome, and my own eyes got all misty when I read CJ was the only kid to get teary eyed at telling his mom good bye. What a sweetheart!

Michelle Vandepol said...

my baby is leaving for first grade in a while. enjoy this first go round. it gets suspiciously less cryish a decade later ;)