Sunday, August 08, 2010

The boys and I love going downtown and walking around through all the little streets and alleys. They check out all the dumpsters and garbage cans and CJ finds bottle caps to add to his massive collection. I grabbed a few photos to capture these two before another brother is thrown into the mix. They have such a funny relationship and love each other (most of the time) a lot. They both look so different it makes me even more excited to see what this third one will bring to mix.







Rachel said...

OK, so your boys? SO CUTE! And I don't think they look so different from each other. They're not twins or anything, but I think they look like brothers.

I have to know something about these photos... are your boys dressed all cute because that's just how you dress them everyday, or because you planned to take their photos? Just wondering because that button down CJ has on looks very well pressed. If he sports style like that every day, you are one very committed mom!

Kennell's said...

SO CUTE!!! Love your little guys! And can't wait to see YOU!!!