Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Poor Trey - in his cute red monkey slippers he slid on the hardwood floor and fell right onto the baseboard corner.  He had to get two staples in his head and the doctor didn't even numb him - just hurry and did it and it was awful.   Two hours later we returned home from the doctor to recover on the couch with the two things he sobbed for the entire time they were fixing him up: his "ba ba" and "wiggies" (sippy and The Wiggles). This morning he woke up happier than ever and hasn't even touched it or acted like it's there, sweet little thing.


J Keith said...

Sorry to hear about Toad !! Hope he is doing better. I miss you and we really need to get together. Maybe we can get the boys together for a play day or just us mommies some time out for a play day !! Let me know !!

Hailey Happens said...

Poor little toad. And, i have the best roll recipe ever! I will give it to you sometime