Sunday, February 01, 2009

Trey Turns Two
Cake with too many candles courtesy of CJ.
Party whistles courtesy of CJ and Grammy.  He puts on his wristbands as soon as he gets up in the morning.
A new scooter courtesy of Nana.
To feed his obsession with vacuums (vroom vrooms), a new one to add to the collection courtesy of Grammy. We have to give all three vroom vrooms hugs and kisses before bed time. The carpet cleaner, the regular vacuum and the car vacuum all get loves before any of us get loves. He drags them through the house all day long and plugs them into every outlet and has to show me each time he's re-plugged. I love my boys and their random obsessions!
A new bike courtesy of mom and dad.
New PlayDoh courtesy of CJ. And if all this excitement wasn't enough, we finally gave in to CJ's begs for the last year to go to Chuck-e-Cheese but they had a blast so it was worth it.

But more imporantaly, we had a great birthday weekend together. It's so fun as they get older and get so into celebrations. Trey  is just my little ray of sunshine and I'm so glad he's in our family. He wakes up with a smile on his face and goes to bed smiling. He's the sweetest thing and has been from day one. Being a mom is the best.


Sydney said...

The picture of him with the playdoh is adorable! We have that red scooter too and my boys love it, in fact, they were out riding it today!

I'm going to check out that strider bike, that looks awesome.

Kuddos to you for enduring Chuck e cheeses, you realize you introduced them to something that they'll beg for over and over....kinda like Applebee's I'm guessing.

Andersons said...

No way he is 2 already! I swear I was just bringing you dinner after you had him. And I'm glad he got that bike you wanted! Such a handsome little dude - love all your pictures!

K19 said...

Happy Birthday to Toad! What a sweet boy!! I LOVE baby obsessions! They are SO intense!! And what a great big brother CJ is- he seems to really take care of his little bro!!! Happy Birthday to Toad, and also a celebratory hug to his Mommy, it's also her "birth"-day!!!

Rachel said...

I know he and Abby are the same age, but looking at him makes it very hard to believe. He looks closer to Lily's age! What a studly kid. And soooo very cute!

Happy Birthday, Toad!

Toni said...

I agree...Toad is a little ray of sunshine. I miss him!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday! He and and my guy are only a few weeks apart. As usual, fantastic toys that I now must go buy....

Haley said...

happy bday Toad Dude! What a celebration! I also love your boys' random obsessions.. where do those come from?! :)