Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm convinced nothing is more fun than holidays with your little kids. We had so much fun this October between decorating, making treats and celebrating Halloween. Although CJ's costume changes about made me crazy (started out as a skeleton, then The Hulk and finally, after a last-minute trip to the fabric store for some brown and tan fabric, Indiana Jones), I just love dressing them up. Trey was loving the freedom to run all over the place and he also helped himself inside a lot of the homes. He's so cute everyone obliged his visits.
Costume #1 for Eloise's party.
Costume #2 Indiana Jones
Since Trey wears wristbands every day (or, if he's misplaced them he helps himself to my hair bands and slides those up his arms) he was super excited about his costume.

It was a great day!


Rachel said...

So cute. Both of them are just SO CUTE!

And I agree... nothing makes a holiday better than having kids to share it with. I never even used to consider Halloween a holiday. Just an annoying night of mischief. Now? Yeah, now I have almost as many Halloween decorations as Christmas.

p.s. GREAT JOB on CJ's costume. Seriously? No pattern? You're amazing!

K19 said...

Jamie- you make me LAUGH!!! Sucks that I'm allergic to chocolate! Weird- I didn't even crave it this time:( Super bummer!!
I LOVE the 'veiny/pustulous' hand in the flowers- nice touch! Looks like you guys had a fantastic Halloween!! Bad mommy- i just realized we didn't carve any pumpkins!! Shame Shame!!! Oh well, there's always next year!
Great job on the costumes- the kids are adorable!!

Ovary Acting said...

We had such fun last night! I think we walked quite a few miles--my feet are killing me! But it was worth it. And Lucy was the hit of the night!

The Garcia's said...

It looks like you guys had a great Halloween, your boys are adorable!

Andersons said...

I especially love Toad's costume...and your hot dog. Adorable!

Don't forget to stick those kit-kats in the freezer! Mine/Ava's are calling my name right now...

Hailey Happens said...

soo cute Jaim. And, what the hell about the veiny foot email? Super Creepy