Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It was time to refresh our water supply so I decided that, since the boys love anything to do with water, hoses, sinks, water in hoses and sinks, etc, I would enlist them in this super fun chore for family night. It worked like a charm. Trey dumped out the old water, CJ refilled with fresh water. Then we went outside and they got to dump out the big 5-gallon containers, Trey laid down in the running water and CJ refilled those with the hose.

CJ declared it was good that we did this with the water because he "doesn't want to drink out of the toilet if there is an emergency."
Then we practiced a fire drill which was very enlightening. The dogs thought we were playing a fun game on their level so they were running around barking, Trey thought it was a good time to go plug my blow dryer in while Chad and I were distracted by crawling around on our hands and knees and CJ kept stopping to tell us what was important to save. His toys and their sippy cups. Oh, and "Mom, don't forget your makeup!"


: STEVE : said...

For some reason this reminds me of how Berlin wants to have "fire safety" for the FHE lesson EVERY WEEK. We had it as the lesson like a year ago. We all went outside and designated our family meeting place. We taught her to stop, drop and roll. The works.

Well, now it's all she wants to do. Random.

More Caffiene, Please said...

Then you should just alter the content. i,e, "Berlin, when someone offers you alcohol what do you do? Stop, drop and roll!"

K19 said...

That's good Jaimers, but I think you'd look just fine without the makeup!!!! WHAT A CLEVER LITTLE CJ , THOUGH!!!:)