Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yesterday we took Trey back to the doctor who was discouraged that his bad limp had not improved since he should have started responding to all the antiobiotics by now. So, after he had three other specialists look at the MRI and x-rays, we were in the orthopedic office getting new x-rays. This one showed what looked to be a clear fracture all the way through his tibia with infection in the surrounding tissue. "95% sure it's a break, 5% could be that 'humor' thing" said the doc. Why must they say that? All probability reasoning goes out the door as far as I'm concerned. It's like I don't even hear the "95%" part or see the big crack on the film. I just get sick to my stomach and focus on that one stupid word. This is definitley something I need to work on! Like my mom told me last night, "Faith and Fear can't work together." So the good news is Trey's leg is in a cast up to his little bum cheek. The bad news is my sweet boy has been walking around with a broken/infected leg for almost two weeks.
Despite everything, this is my sweet little boy in the hospital. Happy as always.

So happy to be home and finally able to go outside (me, too).
Wrestling with CJ makes it seem like he's back to normal.

Ice cream with CJ makes it all better, too.

And this picture was on my camera which makes me smile because this was his first trip ever to the time-out stair. It was actually the day before he went to the hospital and he was in trouble for hitting CJ (maybe he was mad his leg was broken??) but how about that FACE? He seriously sat there with that smirk for the entire minute he was on the stair. And how bad do I feel that he was even in trouble?


Andersons said...

Poor little dude! Oh, I just feel so bad for him and you and HRH! You guys have been through a lot with this whole thing. I'll keep little Toad in my prayers!

Rachel said...

Oh my H-E-double HELL! Jamie, I'm so sorry! That is so awful. The look on his face in the photo of him stepping outside from the house breaks my heart! I'm glad you posted photos of him wrestling and eating ice cream too. What a cute kid.
More prayers are heading your way! Hang in there!

p.s. his leg looks so long in that cast!

Anonymous said...
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Damon said...

That sucks. My 3 year old was in a cast this summer and it was not fun. Good luck.

A and R said...

He is SO dang cute sitting on the stairs!!!
Kisses and get well wishes for Trey!

Ovary Acting said...

Hey, is that comment from "Anonymous" a joke, or what? I'm confused. Seems a little mean-spirited to me.

Anyway, I--like everyone else here who loves you--am so happy that Trey-man is home and getting healthy again. You have been through so much. We need a spa day!!!

Kati said...

Sad. He looks so cute in all those pictures. I hope everything gets better soon! Although it looks like it doesn't slow the kid down much.
What is with the anonymous comment! Coward! Sign your name at least. HRH could beat the crap out of you.

More Caffiene, Please said...
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More Caffiene, Please said...
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More Caffiene, Please said...

I deleted the douche bag's comment about BYU... seriously folks, I know I'm stooping to their sad little "I'm in love with Bronco and his Band of Brothers" level. But that's why this rivalry is so fun! First off, you post that comment on this post about a sad ordeal my 18-month is going through. Second, you don't sign your name. Third, I bring it up all the time because a: both my husband and I are Utes. b. it's funny. c. When your spouse wins b2b championships AND a Fiesta Bowl and goes 4 for 4 against his biggest rival in their college career then I might consider your lame comments valid enough to post on my blog. Until then, kiss my red and black bum.

Oh, and P.S.

To all my friends that read this who are Cougar alumni (and there are many of you) - I love you.

To the zoobie who posted earlier - stop reading MY blog if I bother you so much.


Kati said...

Yah douche bag. What she said.

AzĂșcar said...

I heart you back!

And I'm so glad to see him wrestling again, reading this whole thing has been so crazy.