Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Feed Mac whenever you get bored.

Deliver it to him.
Demand that he eats it.
Lose your shirt.
Get into the garden.
Feed Mac the pods.
Boss around the neighbors.
Continually check out what's going on out front.
Watch CJ so you can go steal whatever he's playing with.


K19 said...

What hapened to the little fellow? Poor little guy- you didn't leave him alone for like, 2 minutes, did you?

Sydney said...

What did happen to that little foot? My favorite picture is of him bossing around the neighbor kid! Classic. A little foreshadowing for the future

c jane said...


You know I love CJ right? Well, I need to confess something, ever since you single handily destroyed your mothers swanky necklace at the pool party I've been falling in love with you too. Which leads me to say "sorry about the limp."

Auntie c jane

Hailey Happens said...

I love Toad! And give me tips on how to garden. Mine bit the dust

Thaddeus Gunn said...

My wee little babby is now 21. But your photo essay took me back to his early days. Thank you.

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