Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Waiting for warm weather!

CJ waiting for it to be warm enough to run through the sprinkers and not cry that his feet are "frozen off" and he needs me to "take his temperature."

Waiting for yes, another garbage day.
(Look closely and you'll see Lucy waiting for a crumb to fall.)


K19 said...

Hey I think it's Earth month right? This should be a CJ paradise.....California will be awesome!!!! Come visit us ANYTIME- it was 85 degrees today!!!!

K19 said...

Oh- and you have a REALLY shiny wood floor- SO jealous!

Damon said...

Waiting for summer?

We went swimming today. It was 80 degrees :)

Becky said...

Your kids are so cute. My kids feel the same way as CJ as soon as they see sun they want shorts and then cry as they freeze outside.

Lindsey Lee said...

Yes, i am going to start getting depressed if the weather doesn't warm up soon. Have fun in california...wish i was there!!