Thursday, April 03, 2008

Yesterday Mac got fixed and when we went to pick him up at the vet a lady came walking out with her dead dog wrapped in a towel and she is just sobbing. SOBBING. The dog had obviously just been put to sleep. She got in her car and then just sat there bawling her eyes out and then I started to cry because I felt so bad,

So I knew that CJ had seen the whole thing and guess what we've obsessed about ALL. AFTER. NOON. AND NIGHT? Not the usual trash obsessions. Not who got a new trash can or who went to Costco 'cause the boxes are in their recycling bins or why I threw away a perfectly good dryer sheet. No, tonight it's been dead animals. And he literally just said,

"Mom, guess what I want to be for Halloween next year? A girl who is sad because her dog died and I can wrap up Lucy in a towel and carry her and she can pretend to be dead."

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K19 said...

i LOVE the lampshade necklace that Mac gets to wear!!