Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Boys Night Out
Chad and CJ headed out and little man was so excited to go with his dad. He had to take his backpack with cars (to play with) and Gatorade (in case he got thirsty watching basketball). They had a great time and CJ got a seat next to the team garbage can that "was full of Gatorade cups with water still in them!!!!!!!!!"


Anderson's said...

C.J. looks so pumped in that picture! I'm sure it's the highlight of his week.

I'm impressed that you got so much done in 3 hours! Good job mama.

Bek said...

Wow... I had a whole weekend off and managed to do.... nothing. You inspire me (and make me feel a teeny bit lazy).

I love that he came home talking about the garbage can. Please write a book about this someday. Or make a book of CJ and all his favorite garbage places and print it on Ofoto. He will LOVE this later in his life (or at least his wife will).

I forget how much he looks like 18..

K19 said...

That is THE best looking father and son team EVER!!!!!