Thursday, December 06, 2007

CJ delivered neighbor presents and all along the way sang me Christmas songs. Then he said, "Mom, I love Christmas. I just love delivering things at Christmas. And getting things, too."

Today at Costco, a garbage man sat by us and CJ went right over to this guys side and started grilling him with questions.
"Do you recycle? What color is your truck? Is it smelly? Do you drive or ride on the back? Is it in the parking lot? It's fun, huh?" Then, "I love garbage like you. I'm going to be a garbage truck worker like you - only I want to be the guy on the back throwing in the trash, not the driver."
It was a good day.


AzĂșcar said...

I love that he gave the driver the third degree!

Rachel said...

What a wonderful little boy.
I adore friendly, chatty little kids.
I assume his interrogation was well received? Who wouldn't love to be so fascinating to a child that way? Sincerity like that is a rare thing. I love it!

A & R said...

I love good days like that!