Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CJ has started saying to people, "My name's CJ, what color are your garbage cans?"
Then he'll point out the tiny recycle sign on everything in our fridge/pantry/purse. Like, if I'm pouring him cereal I get, "Oh, lookie there! A recycle sign on the lid!" Numerous times throughout the day he'll walk towards me with his eyebrows raised in excitement, his finger tapping on some new item (pop can, water bottle, baby food container.)
So the other day I took him to the recycle center for a tour and he loved it! And the best part was after the main tour when he told a garbage truck driver that he wanted his job when he's big so he got to honk the horn, start it up and dump the "empty" recepticle. Except it wasn't empty. There was trash in it. CJ panicked. And started picking it up. Before I could stop him he was running towards me in a mad frenzie for a recycle bin. Holding someones used. toilet. paper. rolls.

So on any given day, we have about four different "trash stations" at our house:

It comes in handy for discipline because, and I'm serious, "If you don't knock it off right now, you won't be able to take out the garbage on trash day" is THE threat of all threats. And it usually works.


TIME FLIES said...

How nice to have something to threaten him with! I love that he told the garbage man he wanted to be him when he grew up. That must have made the guys' year!
I've got to meet this kid.

Sydney said...

If I gave you some business cards could you give one to all of CJ's new friends? Jared could really do something with those 4 teeth!

Love that he's so into recycling. I've been in Utah all week and I've been folding down my cardboard and taking the lids off my water bottles and then realize that Springville doesn't recycle!

~j. said...

Hi, CJ, my name's Jenny and my garbage cans are black, green, blue, and blue. You have a nice hobby. Keep it up.

Anderson's said...

I wish we would have gone to this event and seen this story unfold in person. :-)

Toad is getting so big by the way! I haven't seen him in months!