Thursday, November 30, 2006

What a Difference a Year Makes

2005 brought mommy to tears as all I wanted was a picture of C.J. with Mr. Vintage Santa. All C.J. wanted was to run around outside in the snow.
2006 brought a trip to the mall whereupon C.J. noticed Santa (we weren't even going to attempt this year) and cheerfully helped himself to the line.

CJ: "I need a train table, where's your elves?"
Santa: "Well, okay then, come up here on my lap and tell me more about this table."
CJ: "I want the one your elves are busy making me but sometimes I yell and hit mommy and say bad words."
Santa: "Well, if you be really nice to your mommy and daddy, I'll have my elves bring a table to you."
CJ: "Okay, well, thank you Santa for sitting on my lap and for your busy elves. See ya."
Santa: "Thank you for sitting on my lap. HO HO HO, Merry Christmas!"
C.J. "Ho, ho, ho, Happy Holidays I'm getting my train table!"


Bek said...

It is a good thing he looks cute ALL the time. That is a sweet picture (and a great story).

You have just proved my theory that 2 year old boys are HARD HARD HARD and we shouldn't even try to take them out in public. :-)

Haley said...

You paid $55 for a Sitting with Santa? Call me next time and I'll have Aaron put on a Santa Suit and I'll do it for $5

Sheesh said...

Jaime- Haley told me about your funny blog so i had to check it out. That santa story is hilarious. Sounds like something only CJ would say. But seriously...$55 bucks? Santa better have some REALLY good toys for US ALL with that kind of mula. See you at Christmas! Linds