Tuesday, November 28, 2006

After two weeks with family in Utah, we are now home and bored. CJ keeps asking me when we're leaving again for Christmas. He even told me he'd like to "throw his Idaho bed in the trash." A few of the Thanksgiving highlights:
Celebrating Maddie's 3rd birthday AND finally getting to meet our new cousin/nephew Baby Jack.Eating Maddie's birthday cake. Visiting the new Childrens' Discovery Center at the Gateway.

Four-wheeling with his favorite cousin, Josh.

All the grandkids (and Lucy) with Grammy and Grandpa on Thanksgiving.

And finally, this was C.J. last night with his very own Christmas tree that he decorated all by himself for display in his bedroom. Complete with four trucks, one pair of Crocs, three socks, one tube of toothpaste and a stuffed animal underneath.


AzĂșcar said...

That Gateway Children's Discovery Center was awesome. El Guille didn't even want to go past the plastic ball contraptions. Where is that helicopter part? We didn't make it that far.

c jane said...

Ok a few things:

Cute grandchildren! They look like a bunch of fun kids to be around.

Cute picture of you (as always).

And CJ's little tree has just made my Christmas. I think I might need that photo for my wallpaper.

:: STEVE :: said...

What? Hailey told you about my sore nipples? I am so mad at her right now!