Monday, April 17, 2006

CJ and I were sick so we slept in and awoke to glorious Easter baskets  and Swedish eggs served to us in bed. 

THEN we had a huge dinner at Nana's house where I ate about 47 homemade Oreo cookies.

And finally, we topped the evening off with a delightfull fruit truffle, as Lucy parked herself in her usual dining spot--under CJ's table where she catches every - AND I MEAN EVERY - stray crumb.


c jane said...

Smart dog!
Hope you are feeling better? Nothing like stale peeps to cure a malady.

sunny said...

Hopefully Lucy's more efficient than Ginger - she only expends effort to get the big stuff. *sigh*

I have a whole bowl full of purple Peeps that are "seasoning" right now. They have to be rock-freaking-hard to be truly enjoyed.

You have great men; love, kiss and hug him every single day