Monday, April 03, 2006


Bek said...

Those pictures are wonderful! Good job Haley.

The one of you both from behind is really sweet. He is getting so grown up looking.

:: STEVE :: said...

Aww. My heart is melting. Is Hailey taking Berlin to get photos taken? What about some Berlin/CJ shots? Best buds!

c jane said...

Please respond: Is that last picture in front of your parent's house? It looks as though, but I can't remember that plaza in front. One day I am going to live in that house (as a maid?)
Haley rocks and CJ is handsome. As always...

Bek said... that your house? My daughter is looking for a new gig as an upstairs maid...pass it on to your parents. :-)

more caffeine, please said...

CJane, that is not my parents' house, but it was designed by their same architect.

Now it's time for you to respond--we want to do dinner for you and Haley (birthdays!). This weekend?

c jane said...

I will be out of the state this weekend. And next weekend too.
Good gravy! I'm booked!
In 2 weeks?
That is too far away
Excuse me, I'm going to go write Haley a b-day e-mail. Maybe pepper it with jokes and the like.
I'd like that architects #. Someday. I will let you know.

c jane said...

It's the new e-mailing!

AzĂșcar said...

Is that the Moon's?

LuckyRedHen said...

GORGEOUS pictures!!!