Saturday, March 04, 2006

We moved on Monday. One large U-Haul truck, three SUVs and a sedan trunk-full later, we arrived at our new home in Draper. And I love it but poor lucy is sad and anxious. Hopefully she adjusts soon!


~j. said...

Congratulations on a new, bigger place! And, shorter commute for you, right?

:: STEVE :: said...

When is the house warming party?

AzĂșcar said...

The question is, should I put sauerkraut into the bean dip for Lucy that I bring to the house warming party?

Knodel in the enchiladas?
Kuchen in the galletas?
Strudel in the empanadas?

(ok, don't pick that last one because that's a logistical nightmare in a puff pastry.)

Bek said...

Yeah!!! Is this one a condo too or a house? My little sis has a condo in Draper and loved it. New houses are great!!!


Sorry Lucy.