Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sleepover with Lauren and Anna!

Anna (age 5): "You're a mom and you don't have a fat butt. Most moms I know have a really fat butt. It's wierd."

Lauren (age 8): "This girl in my class is from New York City. She has a huuuuuge wart on her arm. Everytime the teacher asks a question I PRAY she doesn't know the answer so she won't raise her hand and expose me to that disgusting wart."

Lauren (in the car after Anna gave her a fat lip fighting over prizes won at Classic Skating): "I'm going to starrrrrve to death without the use of my lips and won't be able to eat my favorite food anymore. Mangos. Of course, I usually only eat those at baby showers and fancy dinners."


Bek said...

Well MCP, I have been wanting the make the "you don't have a fat butt" comment for a LONG time.....


I have 5 sisters, and that still scared me.

wendysue said...

Hi there, I love it. I have 3 girls and sometimes the drama is through the roof. When my oldest was about 3 and we'd send her to timeout she'd run, crying saying "I'm not a princess anymore!!!" Oh my. Which drama school to enroll her in?

c jane said...

This is crazy. I had a student say the fatt butt thing to me about teachers. She said "Most teachers have a fat butt. You don't which is weird."
And my butt is NOTHING like yours!

c jane said...

I remember those nieces being itty bitty and now they are DARLING and so grown up!
Is that what happens?

LuckyRedHen said...

While washing dishes, the 6yr old (1 of 8 kids) having lunch with my son told me, "You should have moe kids so they can help you clean yo messy house."

(left in the pronounced version of the words to support your linguistic issues in the later post)