Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nesting... with a skill saw
Our big chair-and-a-half-chaise is the favorite chair in our family room but I have hated the ugly tan fabric and the big old rounded arms. I've wanted to recover it forever and the nesting instinct finally made me do it. Holy mother of staple guns it was a project. But I love how it turned out.

Here it is as I started ripping the fabric off and decided to snap a quick "before" photo.

I was going to have a neighbor come over and saw the arms off and rebuild them square but he couldn't come for a few days and we all know how patient I am. Mind you I've never used a skill saw, but I went and purchased my own, bought some extra wood and a few hours later I had sawed off the arms and rebuilt them nice and square. It wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done, you know, safety wise, but I dare say they turned out lovely.


Rachel said...

Oh, my hell. You are so brave, and so freaking talented! I hate you. (And I really wish I were kidding about that because envy/jealousy is so ugly.)

There is NO WAY in 10,000 years I would ever have the guts to try something like that. Way to go! It looks amazing.

Sydney said...

okay, really? Seriously?

It does look great and I totally agree with you on the leather off the kitchen comment. I "get" to clean mine everyday. It's awesome

Toni said...

WOW!!! That looks AMAZING! You are incredible!!!

janille said...

Jamie, all I can say is WoW! I am going to try and recover my glider chair and am super nervous any tips for a first timer??????

More Caffiene, Please said...

Janille, I'm not sure if you read this post about when I covered my glider, but it was pretty easy. Label each piece of fabric you remove (left arm, etc) and remove the fabric the best you can to still keep it in tact. Then you just lay it over your new fabric and use it as a pattern, but cut it at least three to four inches wider to allow for stretching. It's not hard, just time consuming! And buy a good staple gun. I used the biggest piece of crap on both of these chairs and it would have been 10 times faster if I would have just purchased a nicer gun!

janille said...

Thanks Jamie, I am going to give it a try. Hopefully it will be worthy of a picture post on my blog, fingers crossed.