Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another birthday down in the books... I was given the same gift as last year - a night to myself in a hotel and plenty of time to finish Christmas shopping by myself. The break was nice, but the best part was coming home and watching two Christmas movies in a row with the boys. I just love that they are still little and love to snuggle with me. They didn't want to leave to do birthday cake so Chad brought it upstairs and they blew out the candles without getting up. Too funny.


The Garcia's said...

It sounds like the perfect way to spend your birthday! Happy belated birthday!

Kennell's said...

Super cute! And you all look darling after watching movies together!!! I would have a rats-nest and smeared eye makeup!!!! You guys are gorgeous, and I am waiting for your announcement of 'additions'!!!! You MUST- you guys make beautiful children!!!!!!!! Loves ya!