Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eric brought the kids from Utah to Oregon to the game so they stopped at our house on the way there and on the way back. Seeing the boys have so much fun with their cousins always makes me sad that we live far from all of them and it doesnt' help that Trey keeps asking where they went and crying that they left.


: STEVE : said...

If only you had been around in Idaho when I got my senior pictures taken.

Sydney said...

So we didn't graduate all that long ago. Why was it perfectly acceptable for Mrs. Barker to take our senior picture wearing that horrible cap and we called it good? The closest thing I have to a senior picture is my Miss Springville picture wearing a red sweater and having a matching red background....makes me ill just thinking of it!

You are uber talented in many areas. You should move back here and I'd let you prove it to me over and over:)