Monday, August 10, 2009

I love my little Trey, he's just such a delight. Last week he started taking off his diaper and going potty on his own.
As soon as he was old enough to get attached to this blanket I went out and bought the exact same one as a back-up in case the first one got dirty or lost or whatever. Except he became just as attached to the back-up and for the last two years we've carried both blankets everywhere and I just love every time he grabs them and rolls around on the floor with them... just so in love.
This little boy has been so easy from the minute he was born and continues to melt my heart on a daily basis with his sweet little personality. Even though he's as tall as most kids a year-older than him and completely fills his crib, he still loves his bed. When he wakes up he just lays there until we come and get him.


Toni said...

I heart Trey!!!

The Garcia's said...

What a sweet little guy! Nicolas has the same blanket and he's loved it since he was born. I wasn't smart enough to get a back up before they were sold out and I couldn't find another one.

Kennell's said...

That is SO sweet Jaimers!!! I love TREY!!!! And can't wait for Brookie to go ON HER OWN!!!! They say girls are easier? NOT so in my case:( Can't wait to see your cute little self! Love ya!

Sydney said...

Same story with the blankies. I too bought two for Easton but made the mistake of leaving one out and so we too carry around two blankies.

Very impressive with the potty. Good luck with that!

When do we get your smile back?

jjgibb said...

We were wondering what Chad is doing in that picture? Trey and Jamie look great.. but Chad...???? --Jace